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* Eternal Seduction by Jennifer Turner
* The Enemy We Know by Donna White Glaser
* Overprotected by Jennifer Laurens
* America’s Galactic Foreign Legion – Book 1 by Walter Knight
* Drew in Blue by J.M. Kelley
* The Jackpot by David Kazzie
* Retail Arbitrage by Mr. Chris Green
* Cloud Crash: A Technothriller by Phil Edwards

* Demonmachy: Demonic Apocalypse by Brant Danay
* The Frog, the Wizard, and the Shrew by MaryAnn Myers
* The Living End: A Zombie Novel by James Robert Smith
* Paleo Main Meal Recipes
* Vegan Cooking: Fast & Easy Vegan Recipe Collection
* Fast and Easy Birthday Cake Recipe’s
* Best Soup Recipes
* Best Casserole Recipes

* Best Milkshake Recipes
* Cooking For Beginners
* Irish Recipes
* Salsa Recipes, Margaritas and Sangria
* Taste Like Chicken: 62 Recipes For Chicken
* Valentine’s Day Dinner Recipes
* Best Awesomely Delicious Diet Recipes
* Sweet Pies Recipes Collection

* 101 Steak Recipes
* America’s Favorite Chicken Recipes
* 30 Delicious Refrigerator Cake Recipes
* 10 Quick & Easy Fruit Smoothie Recipes
* Appetizers & Finger Food
* Pork Belly Recipes
* Delicious and Nutritious Gluten-Free Dinner Recipes

* Quick & Easy Chicken Pasta Recipes
* Weight Watchers Points Plus Fish Recipes Cookbook
* Delicious Slow Cooker Vegan Side Dishes Recipes
* Best Cookie and Brownie Recipes
* The Best Dessert Pizza Recipes
* Best Slow Cooker Recipes
* Best Smoothie Recipes
* Weight Watchers Points Great Tasting Vegetarian Recipes

* Easy Soups and Stews
* Curbchek by Zach Fortier
* The Disappearance of Mavis Woodstock by Rosalind Burgess
* Her Master’s Touch by Patricia Watters
* Demons and Other Inconveniences by Dan Dillard
* The Day The Sub Came by Carol Gilbert
* Lifelights by Alina Voyce
* The CleanUp Woman by Alisha Yvonne
* The Billionaire Falls by Melody Anne

* Superbia by Bernard Schaffer
* Hal Junior: The Secret Signal by Simon Haynes
* Eleages: Empire’s Fall by W.T. Ralston
* Naked Frame by Robert Burton Robinson
* HALLOWED BE THY NAME by James Somers
* The Tinkerer’s Daughter by Jamie Sedgwick
* The Silver Cage by Mik Wilkens
* Love Worth Knowing by Denise Lorenz
* Night’s Vampires: Three Novels by H.T. Night

* The Rock ‘n Roll Detective’s Greatest Hits by Raymond Benson
* The Same Old Game by Mike Roberts
* Terra Australis: Dawn of a New Era by Rodney Christensen
* Deceit by W.C. Hewitt
* Beyond by T. P. Boje
* West Pac: A Young Sailor’s Journey by Scott F. Schmidt
* Quit Your Rotten Job by John Hadyn
* Canals by Everett Powers
* The Five Pearls by Barry James Hickey

* The Narrows, Miles Deep by Tom Schabarum
* Veneer by Daniel Verastiqui
* Charlotte Powers: Power Down by Ben White
* The other side of Dead by Ian Woodhead
* Shelly’s Second Chance by L B Swan
* Prickly Scots Pt I by S P Mount
* HELP! WANTED: Tales of On-the-Job Terror by Peter Giglio
* Forbidden Love by Michelle Grogan
* Ramblings From the Barn by Robert Phelps

* Everburn by Robert Bunch
* The Haunted Trousers by Alex Gerrard
* Past My Mistakes; If You Only Knew by Al Brown
* Yen Path by Jenny Gallagher
* Cherished Illusions by Sarah Stern
* Harper’s Hell by Diane Capri
* The Shadowed Valley by Y I Lee
* Piety and Murder by Thomas Drinkard
* Scarlet Acres by Polly Craig

* Slow Burn Rape and revenge by Conrad Jones
* Shadow of the Lizard – Part 1 by Randy Nargi
* The Whole World in His Pants by Richard Crasta
* Brumbies by Paula Boer
* Little Luigi by Benny Bellamacina
* Busy bee goes on holiday by Emmeline Costa-Wagner
* Nobody Can Take My Happy Away by Jessica Arnold
* These Animals… Don’t Want to Wash! by J.N. Paquet
* These Animals… Don’t Want To Eat! by J.N. Paquet

* Kittie & Friends: The Happy Family by Eve Gu
* Mely & Bela – Episode 1. by J.N. Paquet
* Is There Love After Abuse? by Lori Susewitt

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